Stuck Inside a Loop of Bad Behavior

One of my major clients called for professional services last week – actually I’ve been inching forward on this project a bit longer – and after quite a bit of preparation a team of us went to present to a major international bank last Thursday.

Though we were on time, it seems the first presenters were an hour late, then of course this cascaded into a mess which meant that we, who were last were not only off our schedule but 3 of the decision makers had left!  This meant we were ‘invited’ to show only a bit of our solution and would have to return and wow them all over again.

Today, a recruiter who had promised a call back on Friday failed to do so. Rude – and don’t bother saying what if he had an emergency in some squeaky upper register. I had had enough. I wrote him asking if he had been in an auto accident or contracted a rare tropical disease that acted so quickly he couldn’t possibly communicate. If not I suggested — I would imagine I would hear from him today. Grrrr.

Finally, as events happen according to the rule of three’s, don’t you know, my root canal that I am actually looking forward to (imagine the pain) has been put off because one of the two specialists is gone – just…gone. Where I asked, Denver to be a superdelegate? The assistant didn’t get it.

I guess this makes clear how much we are all at the mercy of those who hold some level of power over us. Being a man of action I believe it’s time to strike back. Taking on the recruiter with pithy language is a start but not enough. I remember in a Woody Allen movie, it think Manhattan, his character reacts to another who complains about a neo Nazi demonstration in New Jersey that should be greeted by protests and handbills. Woody suggests baseball bats and steel toed boots I think. Well, I’m not suggesting violence (yet) but I’ll tell you this; for me it is over. I will not longer capitulate by excusing inexcusable behaviors that chill the social agreement we have with each other. As long as I don’t hurt anyone else (like my business partners) someone is going to get a steel pointed comment right to the id.


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