Another Week is Gone

Well I’m back in the marketing business and my chops have never been so sorely tested. To wit:

  • Blogging
  • Joining professional and social networking groups
  • Writing questions to stir interest
  • Producing a verbal marketing pitch for phone calls
  • Sending out 100 marketing emails
  • Completing (almost) training for my live trials as an EQMentor
  • Blabbing with mentors, sages and spiritual uplifters
  • Tracking all this activity and keeping it organized

My buddy and advisor Barbara Jones tells me, “Life is mandatory, suffering is optional.”

My other target is to build marketing collateral for Advocated Theatrical Negotiation, my proprietary executive coaching approach to delivering fantastic presentations. I’ll pdf. it, then create a push email both with links back to my website and that will eat up the weekend.

All in all, I’ve spoken to some generous and interesting people. Everyone out there is way busy, and they mostly sound stressed out. Others, on returning from vacation sound worse. The economy is beating everyone up. And once top learning development guys like me can’t get scooped up immediately, you know the overall situation at the mid to top ranks are closed or closing off.

As I always say, I think I’ll drive for FedEx. Or go back in to teaching.

Nah, just kidding. I want to play this string out – if I can score on my terms in this environment I can move mountains and leap tall buildings. Won’t the kids be proud!


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